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The Luxifer-a Research Group is 25 years old! From 1993-1999, the focus of the group was on the self-publishing of Liber Lucifer by 616 and the creation of the 25 volume set of The Beacon. This consisted of articles, poetry, art and imagery from a variety of contacts over the years. An alchemist in California, meeting Kenneth Anger in person and information from a German occult lodge were definitely highlights over the years. I would also like to thank all the contributors for their art and insights.

In 2000, the year of the Dragon in Eastern astrosophy, I moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada from Hamilton and re-established the locus of The LRG here. The homepage was revamped repeatedly but things really blossomed with the release of typhOnia, a 15 minute dream ritual co-created with J. Herbert in 2007. I realized that dissemination was the key to The LRG. From then on, I have released: Black Master Manifest-O, Liber Nosferatu, The Left Hand Path (the first three books of the nine volume Black Tradition Trilogy I), and The Black Book of Shaitan. 400 books, including Liber Lucifer, have been sold so far. The homepage was further revamped in 2013 by an anonymous but much appreciated friend. I would also like to thank L. Popa & A. Wright for their earlier work on The LRG’s homepage. By the end of 2017, I will have all of The Black Tradition Trilogy I on computer and continue to release books and The Psychographic Tarot Deck as they are finished. Twenty-five years indeed!

Chakras & The Aionic Star by 616

The LRG was founded in 1993 by 616, the Outer Head of The LRG, & continues to x-pand & un-fold the Dark Light of the Aionic Star. Liber Lucifer was our central text which has evolved into the nine books of The Black Tradition Trilogy I. The Beacon was our quarterly artistic booklet that linked all Associates by the sharing of insights, art, poetry & x-periments. It consisted of 25 issues & ran from 1993-1999. The Black Tradition Trilogy I consists of: Black Master Manifest-O, Liber Nosferatu, The Left Hand Path & The Book of Baphomet so far. typhOnia (a 15 minute film) and The Black Book of Shaitan (2014) have also been released.

Situationally, The LRG is a continuing of the 93 current as re-awakened by Aleister Crowley & brilliantly x-panded upon by Kenneth Grant. The LRG specifically works with the 369 current, which is dealt with extensively in Liber Scarabaeus, & can be intuited by one’s personal research. It is the tantric or sex magickal text (along with The Left Hand Path) & can be considered as a particular conjunction of the 93 (Horus) & 696 (Ma’at) current-s that focusses x-clusively on The Divine Androgyne.

Luxifer-a is the Bringer of Light, The Androgynous Un-holy Guardian Angel who is the embodying of Tiphareth (“Beauty”), the central sephira on the Tree of Life. It is the task of each Priest-ess of The Divine Androgyne to x-perience the Vision & ultimately the Knowledge & Conversation of their Angel. The Aionic utterances of ING, Evolove & Androgyneus from 616 assist in this process by helping one reconcile all opposites.

The LRG consists of five grades (“a loose-fitting system”) under the Auspices of the Inner Head of The LRG. They are:

The Outer Head of The LRG

The Ophis of The Beast-s

The Knights of The Aionic Star

The Priest-esse-s of
The Divine Androgyne

The Associates of The LRG

More information on the grades is available by contacting The LRG directly. Since individual x-perience is x-alted within The LRG, one need not be daunted by the structure or ideas presented here, as all are welcome as Associates of The LRG. One’s talent, intuition & magickal x-perience guides one up the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life (with which the grades are aligned) & essentially, all may be redeemed in the process of Self-Individuating also known as The Great Work. If it is your will to do so, please feel free (“liber”) to email us at: info@aionicstar.com.

Anno Drakonis

Ave Luxifer-a,


The Mark of The Beast