The Black Tradition Trilogies I


The Black Tradition Trilogies I

Volume I

I. Black Master Manifest-O

The Black Master Manifest-O seeks to re-manifest The Black Tradition, the darker side of the various right hand paths, to re-establish a dynamic equilibrium. 68 pgs. Read More.

II. Liber Nosferatu

Liber Nosferatu seeks to redeem the archetype of the vampire by stressing this creature’s Androgyny, Nobility, Will and personal Im-mortality. 65 pgs. Read More.

III. The Left Hand Path

The Left Hand Path focuses on subversion, inner transformation and insight in order to break free from one’s conditioning conformist society. 87 pgs. Read More

Volume II

IV. The Book of Baphomet

The Book of Baphomet is a wild excursion into Eliphas Levi’s image, the Black Man of the Witches’ Sabbat and all things diabolically goatish! 80 pgs. Read More

V. Sepher Da’ath:
The Book of Un-Knowing

Sepher Da’ath is 616’s personal exploration of Da’ath, the hidden heart of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Not much has been written on it so 616 had to flesh it out. 94 pgs. Read More

VI. Liber Leviathan

Liber Leviathan stresses the extreme importance of the dragon, lizard and snake as symbols of Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Tradition (The Black Tradition). 100 pgs. Read More

Volume III

VII. Sepher Set

The Book of Set consists of the personal poetic rituals, art & dream work of 616 that specifically deal with Horus’ much, much darker brother. Indeed. 114 pgs. Read More

VIII. Liber Corvus Corax:
The Book of The Raven

The Book of The Raven is an amalgamation of 616’s familiar black birds, one particularly powerful planet (Saturn), & of course, Baron Samedhi. Read More

IX. The Book of Anti-Christ

The Book of Anti-Christ features 616’s works on Yahoshuah & His much darker Shadow who cannot be separated from Him. Hence, the Anti-Christ.  Read More

The Black Tradition Trilogies
Compendiums of the first 9 books

Complete Volume 1 Trilogy Set
The Black Tradition Trilogies

The Black Tradition Trilogies Volume I by 616 consists of: Black Master Manifest-O, Liber Nosferatu: The Book of The Un-Dead & concludes with the precise yet powerful text The Left Hand Path: Kala Vama Marga. It moves from a fantastic foundational piece on the Black Tradition itself to a redemption & exaltation of the Vampyre’s will, androgyny & im-mortality to a brilliant three-fold exploration of The Left Hand Path (Kala Vama Marga; Via Sinistra; The Typhonian Tradition; The Black Tradition).

Complete Volume 2 Trilogy Set
The Black Tradition Trilogies

The Black Tradition Trilogies Volume II by 616 consists of: The Book of Baphomet, Sepher Da’ath: The Book of Un-Knowing & Liber Leviathan. It moves from Eliphas Levi’s The Devil #15 or Black Man of the Sabbat to 616’s personal exploration of the mysterious Qabalistic “sephira” to all things Drakonian, Ophidian & Typhonian indeed! It concludes with a tantric weaving of Jim Morrison’s Celebration of the Lizard with 616’s writing into a new hybrid called Serpent Selebration.

Complete Volume 3 Trilogy Set
The Black Tradition Trilogies

The Black Tradition Trilogies Volume III by 616 consists of: Sepher Set, Liber Corvus Corax: The Book of The Raven & concludes with The Book of Anti-Christ. It moves from a poetic, artistic & magickal focus on the Egyptian god Set to a strange amalgamation of all things Saturnian to a marvellous conclusion of the trilogies with a magickal analysis of Yahoshuah, The Beast 666 & Babalon in The Book of Revelation by St. John the Divine.

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