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We are pleased to announce the opening of our on-line web store!
We are now live for your book ordering convenience!

Our volumes are available for purchase in paperback form at the following locations:

The Occult Shop
1373 Bathurst Street,
Toronto ON, M5R 3J1
(416) 656-6564
Mon-Sat 10:00am to 8:00pm

Sun 12:00pm to 6:00pm

The Black Tradition Trilogies I

Volume I

I. Black Master Manifest-O
$9.99, 68 pgs.
(Epub, Mobi, PDF)

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The Black Master Manifest-O seeks to
re-manifest The Black Tradition, the darker side of the various right hand paths, to
re-establish a dynamic equilibrium.

II. Liber Nosferatu
$9.99, 65 pgs.
(Epub, Mobi, PDF)

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Liber Nosferatu seeks to redeem the archetype of the vampire by stressing this creature’s Androgyny, Nobility, Will and personal Im-mortality.

III. The Left Hand Path
$9.99, 87 pgs.
(Epub, Mobi, PDF)

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The Left Hand Path focuses on subversion, inner transformation and insight in order to break free from one’s conditioning conformist society.

Volume II

IV. The Book of Baphomet>
$9.99, 80 pgs.
(Epub, Mobi, PDF)

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The Book of Baphomet is a wild excursion into Eliphas Levi’s image, the Black Man of the Witches’ Sabbat and all things diabolically goatish!

V. Sepher Da’ath:
The Book of Un-knowing

Coming Soon

Sepher Da’ath is 616’s personal exploration of Da’ath, the hidden heart of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Not much has been written on it so 616 had to flesh it out.

VI. Liber Leviathan

Coming Soon

Liber Leviathan stresses the extreme importance of the dragon, lizard and snake as symbols of Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Tradition (The Black Tradition).

Volume III

VII. Sepher Set


The Book of Set consists of the personal poetic rituals, art & dream work of 616 that specifically deal with Horus’ much, much darker brother. Indeed.

VIII. Liber Corvus Corax:
The Book of the Raven


The Book of The Raven is an amalgamation of 616’s familiar black birds, one particularly powerful planet (Saturn), & of course, Baron Samedhi.

IX. The Book of


The Book of Anti-Christ features 616’s works on Yahoshuah & His much darker Shadow who cannot be separated from Him. Hence, the Anti-Christ.

Other Works

The Black Book of Shaitan

Available at The Occult Shop

The Black Book of Shaitan is the Magnum Opus of 616 yet not part of the trilogies. It consists of prose, poetry, maxims and art and reveals his conversation with his Un-holy Guardian Angel, Shaitan himself.

$3.99, Video (15 minutes)
(.mp4 video download)

Coming Soon!

typhOnia is a 15 minute celluloid alchemical ride from Magus to Chaos and back to a re-integrated Baphometic Magus again. Apotheosis indeed!